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The Smithee Logo The Smithee Awards(tm)
The annual ceremony celebrating the  world of...
Bad Movies.

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The Smithee Awards 2017 (26th Annual) “World Tour” Dates 

March 24th - Friday: 7pm - Midnightish
ConBust – Smith College, MA
Room 106

April 15 – Saturday: 7pm – Midnightish
Ann Arbor Smithee Show
1800 Chem Building

April 29 5:00 pm to 10ish
Windover room
Penguicon – Southfield, MI

** UPDATE! Note the location and times: **
Origins Game Faire June 15 AND 16!!!
June 15 MegaMeta5
June 16 Smithee 26
Origins 2016 – Columbus, OH
Greater Columbus Convention Center
7pm - Midnight, Union Ballroom B!

The Smithee Awards Best of the Best of the Best: Ye Ultra MegaMetas! 

Heads up, Smitheeites. At the conclusion of Origins this year, we will have had 5 MegaMeta winners. You know what that means, The Best of the Best of the Best will be pitted against each other in an ultimate fight to decide which clip is the supreme winner of its category. It's a fight that's been brewing for 25 years; come see the conclusion this fall in Ann Arbor (dates TBD) and next year at Origins 2018.

And you thought the voting for the MegaMetas was hard!

Steins and T-Shirts and Mugs -- Oh, My!
And tote-bags, too! At long last, we have a version of the long-awaited T-Shirt storefront! A selection of Smithee Awards merchandise is ready for your perusing and purchasing pleasure right here at CafePress. Choose from a variety of items--such as T's, sweats, mugs, tank-tops, jerseys, track suits, and more--in a variety of styles, all emblazoned with a new, snazzy, and stylized logo cooked up by our own Matthew Quirk. Now you, too, can wear the same shirts as the Smith-ka-teers (well, perhaps not the same ones, although some of us might let you) and join us as we yell, "I Stayed Up To Watch The End of THIS?"

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