Tiger Love (1977)
Kung Fu Zombie vs. Tigerkralle
Le Jeune Tigre du Kung Fu
Legend of the Tiger
Ren Hu Lian
The Tiger Love
Tiger's Kong Fu
Tiger's Love
Todesschrei der Tigerkralle

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  Apparently, it's some kind of legend in China that if a woman kisses a tiger, the tiger becomes her slave for life. Well, this Chinese woman falls in love with a boy from a rival clan. The two try to elope, but Romeo-and-Juliet-like, they're caught by her father and the boy is beaten to a bloody pulp and killed. She dives off the nearby cliff. End of story, right? Nope. Somehow, she survives the 500-foot drop into some tall trees...only to discover a woman-eating tiger waiting for her below! Well, she, uh..."kisses" it and it becomes her slave... Fast-forward 20 years. Turns out she'd been pregnant with her lover's child. She raises him as a wild-man, who learns Kung Fu from "Uncle Tiger." When the young man gets restless and travels from the forest to the village (which is apparently right next-door), he discovers that his father wasn't killed but lived to remarry. Unfortunately, the evil grandfather discovers his origins and a series of mishaps rekindles the blood-feud between the two families. Eventually, the mother is killed, turning the tiger into a female bloodsucking witch (no, I don't get it either).

Smithee Award Winner! Most Ludicrous Premise

It Says She's Supposed To KISS the Tiger...
She wakes in the tree and, terrified, PISSES on the tiger. Which somehow turns it into her slave. Enough, we're to believe, for the tiger to somehow have gotten her out of the tree and into its cave. And lady, that wasn't a kiss. Kid grows up with the tiger, beats the crap out of it with a stick (and almost gets eaten).

Inane Dialogue

Family Ties
"Who are you?"
"His mother."
"He's your son?!"
"Tell me where he is!"
"No, I caahn't."
"You refuse?!"

Smithee Award Winner! "WHAT?!"

Freeze-Frame Tiger Monologue
The woman dies, and the tiger kills. Suddenly, the tiger speaks to nobody. Then turns into a demon-witch. And there's a two-minute freeze-frame exposition. "I've killed my 100th person! Tonight I will turn into an old lady!" WTF?!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Lieh Lo  
Yu Wang Former Hong Kong swimming champion. 
Director Claim to Fame
Lin I-hsiu  

Bryan Cassidy

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