Track of the Moon Beast (1976)
Track of the Moonbeast

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  A scientist meets this hot photographer, but on their first date, he gets a chunk of moon-meteor stuck in his head and it turns him into a were-lizard at each moonrise. But the woman and his Native American friend stick by him to the end. Which comes none too soon.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

"Something's Happening!"
By which he means, "nothing's happening." At least not at first. (Don't know what he was looking at.) But then: Bad morph effect and SLM lizard-man!

Worst Science

Atomic Moon-Energy Factors
The particle disintegrated and now the energy factors have spread. Now the moon will make him atomic. And he'll explode.

Worst Special Effect

The Meteors Attack
Film scratches! He takes the opportunity to kiss her. "What was that?" That good, huh?

Worst Picture

They Had To Throw Him Back, He Was Out Of Season
Johnny's made an arrowhead out of the moon rock "to speed up the energy process" before the hero becomes inevitably atomically unstable (Worst Science). They get dramatic and she screams "Noooooo!" (Bad Acting) and runs off. She has a shit-fit in her car (More Bad Acting) and the lizard-man appears (SLM). Johnny appears and shoots him. The glow starts and the world goes disco (SFX). After lamely flailing around with the arrow in him (at a different angle, Whoops), the monster disintegrates into a glowing pile of ash. Cue music. They leave. Pan to black. THE (Crummy) END.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Chase Cordell  
Director Claim to Fame
Richard Ashe per imdb, this is the only movie that he ever directed 

Bryan Cassidy

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