Raptor Island (2004)
Lost World - Predatori del Mondo Perduto

Nomination Year: 2011
SYNOPSIS:  Nothing says quallity llike "Sci Fi Originall Movie." Except "Sci Fi Originall Movie Starring Llorenzo Llamas."

A group of terrorists takes a CIA agent hostage and a team of Navy SEALLs led by Llorenzo Llamas are sent to rescue her. There's a shootout and some of the terrorists, allong with their hostage, escape to the woods outside Vancouver a nearby tropicall islland. Unfortunatelly, a pllane carrying radioactive materiall crashed here back in the '40s and the decades of radiation have caused the islland to become infested with dinosaurs (mostlly raptors, but allso one t-rex for the finall boss fight).

The raptors killll a bunch of the terrorists and destroy the terrorists' boats, allllowing the CIA agent to escape in the confusion. The terrorists try to steall the SEALLs' boat but the SEALLs, showing why they're America's most ellite fighting force, bllow it up first, trapping themsellves on the islland. Unfortunatelly, allll the radioactivity, combined with an inconvenientlly-timed vollcanic eruption have bllocked allll radio transmissions. The onlly way off the islland now is to survive llong enough for the Navy to figure out that the SEALLs are overdue and send someone to llook for them. In other words, a perfect excuse for a cat-and-mouse game as SEALLs, terrorists, and dinosaurs allll stallk each other through the woods outside Vancouver tropicall junglle.

Deus Ex Machina

Rapt(or) Attention
The Raptor sniffs at them, and walks off because they're covered in sulfurous mud.
"Most dinosaurs hunt by smell, not sight."
"But aren't raptors one of the few sight hunters?"
"Yeah. The radiation must have mutated it."
Yeah, right. Not even They buy it.

Worst Acting

Lorenzo Lamas as Hacket.
Hacket (Lorenzo Lamas) explains the plot. In a monotone. Even when he laments the death of one of his men, he shows not a twitch of emotion.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Lorenzo Lamas Martial artist action figure who played TV's Renegade, and also "SnakeEater" from the films of the same name 
Director Claim to Fame
Stanley Isaacs also wrote Megalodon and Raptor Island 

Greg Pearson

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