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Sssssss (1973)

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  A mad scientist is out to save mankind by developing a serum which will turn people into king cobras. (Why? So they can survive the upcoming nuclear holocaust, silly.) But first, he must test it. What better subjects than the boyfriends of his mousy daughter?

Why the title Sssssss (that's seven "S"s, by the way)? Because that's one of the two things the test audiences wanted to call it, and it sounded better than "Booooooo!"

Most Ludicrous Premise

The scientist decides to turn all of humanity into snakes, because they'll survive the coming nuclear war. Huh?

Stupidest-Looking Monster

The Sssssstupidest-Looking monster: the Dirk-snake-man.

Inane Dialogue

Sssssssure is an inane comment.
The scientist enlists four or five others to help him carry a sixty-foot boa constrictor. The thing's the size of a light pole. One of the cops remarks, "Sure is a big snake." The scientist quietly responds, "I know."

Crummiest Ending

In the end, Dirk Benedict turns into a cobra and gets attacked (eaten?) by a mongoose, while his girlfriend looks on and screams.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Strother Martin  
Dirk Benedict "Starbuck" (not the coffee) from Battlestar Galactica and "Face" on The A-Team 
Heather Menzies  
Richard B. Shull "Holmes" on the TV series Holmes and Yo-Yo 
Felix Silla best known as "Cousin Itt" in The Addams Family or "Twiki" in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 
Michael Masters  
Director Claim to Fame
Bernard L. Kowalski  

Matt Quirk

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