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The Stuff  (1985)
Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS: Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.
Anne O'Nymous
Smithee Award Nominations
Most Ludicrous Premise
Col. Malcom Grommett-Spears Tells It Like It Is
"America is under attack by an alien substance which represents itself as a popular dessert known as The Stuff."
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"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"
And the Only Way To Prove Gravity Is To Shoot You Twice and See Which Way You Fall
"They don't process it. They pump it right into the trucks. And the only way to prove it is to steal one of those trucks." Huh?
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Best One-Liner
Who Needs a Good Poke in the Eye?
"You know why they call me Moe? 'Cause every time someone gives me money, I always want mo'."
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Smithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid
Finger-Lickin' Good Stuff
A white, viscous substance is bubbling from the ground at the chemical refinery. A night watchman discovers it. What's he do? He TASTES it, of course! Mmmm--creamy!
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Director Claim to Fame
Larry Cohen Director of many a Smithee film, and writer of many, many others, including Q, The Stuff and the It's Alive and Maniac Cop franchises. Created TV shows like "Branded" and "The Invaders" (in COLOR!). Brief cameo in Spies Like Us
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Michael Moriarty <Not Yet in Database>  
Andrea Marcovicci <Not Yet in Database>  
Garrett Morris <Not Yet in Database>  
Paul Sorvino <Not Yet in Database>  
Scott Bloom <Not Yet in Database>  
Danny Aiello <Not Yet in Database> Plays wise guys a lot. Heck he looks Mob! 
Abe Vigoda <Not Yet in Database> "Fish" on Barney Miller 
Clara Peller <Not Yet in Database> Old lady who said "Where's the Beef?" 
James Dixon Postman Pops up in small parts in a few B-Movies. 
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