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Zardoz (1973)

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  Plot summary? The writer was on drugs! The director was on drugs! The entire cast was on drugs! I'm NOT on drugs! I have no freakin' clue!

[Kevin adds: "I was fourteen when I saw this movie. I remember Sean Connery, a giant floating stone head, and topless women. Not in that order."]

Smithee Award Winner! "Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Kill the Tabernacle!
Sean Connery stares into the crystal and all is revealed. Right. To the audience, it looks like he's just running around shouting, "Destroy the Tabernacle!" and shooting a gun.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Sean Connery Said to be the best "James Bond," this guy aged very well, but sadly, he is not very picky about his parts -- he'll do any role, good or Bad 
Charlotte Rampling the same Charlotte Rampling who was naked in Swimming Pool 
Sara Kestelman  
John Alderton  
Niall Buggy  
Director Claim to Fame
John Boorman  

Greg Pearson

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