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Wild Guitar (1962)

Nomination Year: 1998
SYNOPSIS:  Bud Eagle (Arch Hall, Jr) is going to be a rising star in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he signs up with a crooked agent (Arch Hall, Sr). The agent makes shady business deals, and cheats Bud out of most of his money. The agent also tries to get Bud to dump his girlfriend Vicki, but this is the last straw, as Bud Eagle and his Wild Guitar (??) fight back.


"All Skate. Not You, Camera Two!"
The shadow of the camera falls upon the kissing skaters.

Crummiest Ending

Can't We All Just Get Along?
"Can't we all just get along?" The dog-faced singer forgives the evil, exploiting manager and blackmails him straight. Now he can trust him!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Arch Hall, Jr. Squashed-faced guitar player who we only know of because of his rich, producer dad 
Nancy Czar  
Ray Dennis Steckler Often credited as Cash Flagg. 
Carolyn Brandt Dark-haired leading lady of 50's sci-fi 
Arch Hall, Sr. Rich, producer dad to less-than-mediocre singer/actor Arch Hall, Jr. 
Director Claim to Fame
Ray Dennis Steckler Often credited as Cash Flagg. 

Kevin Hogan

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