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Piranha II: The Spawning (1981)
Piranha II: Flying Killers
Piranha Part Two: The Spawning
Piranha Paura
The Spawning

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.

Most Ludicrous Premise

Flying Saltwater Piranhas
Not only are these piranhas. Not only are these particularly aggressive piranhas. Not only are they particularly-aggressive saltwater piranhas.... They can fly, too.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

A Roll in the Kelp
The opening scene of the movie: two scuba divers, one male, one female, exploring a sunken ship. Beautiful undersea footage. Suddenly, they get together and stop exploring the wreck and start exploring each other. That's right, in 100 feet of water, they drop weight belts and strip for a little underwater nookie. Well, they do say that oxygen deprivation heightens sexual ecstasy. Luckily, we never find out. It's about at this point that the piranhas come out of the sunken ship and eat them.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

I've Always Wanted To Crash a 'Copter
Lance is in his helicopter, hovering. He knows the sunken ship is about to blow any second. There's so little time to get to the two kids below in the water! What's he do? He announces on the loudspeaker that he's ditching the chopper! He jumps out the window and the helicopter crashes into the sea and explodes. Well, at least he got to the kids quickly. Now if someone could only explain WHAT the hell good that did!?!

I'm reminded forcibly of a joke I once heard.
Mutt: I saw you at the side of the road, running alongside your bike yesterday. What was up?
Jeff: Oh, that. You see, I was in such a terrible hurry I didn't have time to get on.

Inane Dialogue

Be Careful What You Wish For
A large group of partiers is on the beach, waiting for the annual migration of the grunions or somesuch, where millions of edible fish just wash into the shallows for the taking. The party is in full swing and the booze flows freely. Suddenly, the sea starts to boil and the whole group gets up and heads for the surf, chanting, "We want fish! We want fish!"

You can probably guess the rest. They GET fish. Swarms of flying saltwater piranhas erupt from the water and eat the lead guy. Of course the rest of the crowd tries to run. Too late.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Lance Henrikson "Bishop" from Alien(s), "Frank Black" on Millennium, and in a lot of Bad Movies, too 
Tricia O'Neil  
Steve Marachuk  
Carole Davis  
Director Claim to Fame
James Cameron yeah, that James Cameron -- the King of the World 

Anne O'Nymous

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