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976-EVIL II  (1991)
976 EVIL II: The Return
976-EVIL 2
976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor
Astral Factor
Tagline(s):This time Satan returns the call.
 Call If You Dare!
Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS: At a small Californian community college, co-eds are getting murdered at an alarming rate. The prime suspect is the dean, but the slayings continue even when he's placed behind bars. The reason is that a Satanic 976 "Horrorscope" hotline has given him the power to astrally project. A gorgeous blonde named Robin is caught up in the plot when approached by a wandering occult biker named Spike (the survivor of the first 976-EVIL). She and Spike are the only ones who know the truth, and they must kill the killer, or be killed themselves.
Bryan Cassidy
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner! Deus Ex Machina
Punched by an Angel
I don't even know why she's looking for Spike here at these cliffs, he's supposed to be on a highway miles away. Suddenly Grubeck's got her! Just as suddenly, Spike shows up and saves the day! Well, at least we thought it was Spike. It's really Spike's "ghost" or "angel" or whatever, not that we care. Clip leads up to the ending.
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Best One-Liner
It's a Zombieful Death
She's taken in to the TV, into a zombie version of "It's a Wonderful Life." "Every time you hear a bell, a zombie takes a soul to Hell!" Zuzu kills her.
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid
Hello? Anybody Home?
Okay. You're not supposed to be in that office, you sneak around furtively. You know that the villain is a Satanic phone line. The phone rings with an eerie echoing sort of sound. What do you do? Hello?
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Director Claim to Fame
Jim Wynorski Director of such films as Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade, and the Bare Wench Project series, he also finds time to direct more mainstream fare...such as Dinocroc vs. Supergator, Fire Down Below, and Camel Spiders. Oh, and this. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Debbie James Robin Winner of "Star Search" 1990. Then bit parts until Dr. Samantha Morecroft on "L.A. Heat." 
René Assa Mr. Grubeck Lent his Egyptian swarthiness to many a 70's and 80's TV show: "Colombo," "Airwolf," "The Rockford Files," "The Facts of Life," "The Bionic Woman," and "Knight Rider," to name a few. 
Patrick O'Bryan Spike Played Spike in the 976-EVIL movies. 
Philip McKeon Taylor Was the kid on "Alice!" Then a bunch of low-budget horror flicks kissed his career's grits goodbye. 
Leslie Ryan Paula Was Lisa Fenimore on "Santa Barbara." 
Rod McCary Dr. Jamison Bobby Taylor on "Harper Valley PTA." and General Bradley in Komodo vs. Cobra
Paul Coufos Stone Mike Horton on "Days of Our Lives" and a baddie in Chopping Mall, as well as Neil Hamilton in Food of the Gods II
George Flower Turrell Nicknamed "Buck." From bums to bartenders, guards to background patients, he's a contender for appearing in more Smithee films than anyone else, ever... Also wrote The Bikini Carwash Company
Brigitte Nielsen Agnes Was Red Sonja. Was also Stallone's ex, thus landing her Ludmilla in Rocky IV and Ingrid in Cobra
Sigal Diamant Barmaid  
Deborah Dutch Wife in Commercial A true scream queen. Titular Hollywood Warrioress (say THAT three times fast!). 
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