Seed People (1992)

Nomination Year: 2002
SYNOPSIS:  A meteor has landed in the sleepy town of Comet Valley. Turns out that it carried a race of evil plant-based beings intent on colonizing first the city, and then the world.

Deus Ex Machina

UV Light Cures Possession
Our heros are being stalked by the "seed people" (ordinary people who have been possessed). Until one of them accidentally bumps a light in the scientist's shed. The light swings around, exposing the possessed to direct ultraviolet radiation. Which somehow de-possesses them.

Worst Cover Copy

Yet Another Lurid, Inaccurate Cover
Start with the cheesy tagline ("The Root of All Evil").

The back cover makes reference to the three cover critters by name (even though they are unnamed in the film), and is only about 85% truthful in its recounting of the plot. Bonus points for a luridly drawn cover instead of using stills....

Crummiest Ending

They're All Possessed
The entire movie has been one long flashback. As our hero finally finishes recounting his tale to the kindly doctor in the hospital where he's being seen, he realizes that he's been strapped down. Then the door opens, and one of the bad guys walks in. Everyone is possessed! Bad guys win.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Sam Hennings  
Andrea Roth Eleanor in A Woman of Independent Means 
Dane Witherspoon  
Director Claim to Fame
Peter Manoogian AD or 2nd unit director on such Smithee "classics" as Fear City, Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared Syn, Parasite, and Galaxy of Terror 

Kevin Hogan

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