Reborn from Hell: Samurai Armageddon (1996)
Makai Tenshô: The Armegeddon

Nomination Year: 2002
SYNOPSIS:  A Devil-worshiping sorcerer finds a way to magically resurrect evil people by sacrificing virgins. He makes a small army of Japan's greatest (dead) fighters. Master Jubei (pronounced CHOO-bay) is the only samurai pure enough and skilled enough to combat the fiends.

Smithee Award Winner! "Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

"Yes! Yes! Lie to Me Again!"
Dummy-dah Sorcerer recruits an evil woman for his Armygeddon. He gives her a long-nosed mask with which to rape her female servant. Looks like Pinocchio's a real live MAN now.

Worst Special Effect

I've Seen a Green Head Fly Before, But This Is Ridiculous
Jubei decapitates his opponent in a field of bamboo and... Well, THIS.

Crummiest Ending

The Talking Heads: The Final Cut
One of the resurrected demons was apparently not so much evil as "restless," because he had left something unfinished in life. That thing was to fight the famously skilled Master Jubei. Here's the last part of their battle. Yet another flying green head. More fountaining ichor. The head holds a bizarre, poinless conversation with the hero. And then the cryptic, non-resolving end. Can't even tell for sure if it's sequel-bait, but nothing seems to have mattered....

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Tomoro Taguchi  
Hiroyuki Watanabe  
Yûko Moriyama  
Hiroshi Miyauchi  
Director Claim to Fame
Kazumasa Shirai  

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