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Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS:  A scientist and his family are lured to a small Western town, which is inhabited by vampires living on synthetic blood. A war breaks out between two factions -- the ones who are willing to live in peace with humans and subsist on the synthetic blood, and the ones who want to resume feeding on humans.

Smithee Award Winner! "Alas, Poor Yorick"

Vampires Get Crotchety in Their Old Age
A stranger shows up, fuels his car, and is a jerk to a couple of old guys. One of the old guys knocks the jerk's head right off his shoulders. "He was an asshole!"

Deus Ex Machina

Not By Me, You Haven't
The fight between the rival vampire factions is not going well for our heroes. Suddenly, at the top of a nearby building, the scientist and his wife jury-rig a cross to throw its shadow over the battlefield. The evil vampires burst into flames, and eventually explode. The good vampires don't. There is much confusion, until Mardulak (David Carradine) comes to the conclusion that they've survived because God has finally forgiven them.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
David Carradine Son of John Carradine, his expertise in martial arts nearly groomed him to be the next Bruce Lee. Nearly. Instead, he had a few TV shows and a LOT of Bad Movie parts. 
Morgan Brittany Started as "Baby June" in Gypsy, then did a lot of old TV show episodes 
Bruce Campbell Star of Evil Dead and Briscoe County, Jr., among much else 
Jim Metzler  
Maxwell Caulfield  
Deborah Foreman  
M. Emmet Walsh  
John Ireland Was married to Bo Derek 
Dana Ashbrook "Bobby Briggs" from Twin Peaks; his film debut was a small role in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 
Bert Remsen  
George Flower quite possibly appeared in more Smithee films than anyone else, ever ... also wrote The Bikini Carwash Company 
Brendan Hughes  
Phil Esposito NHL Hockey player 
Gerardo Mej√≠a best known under his first name for the song "Rico Suave" 
Director Claim to Fame
Anthony Hickox  

Kevin Hogan

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