Silent Night, Bloody Night (1973)
Death House
Night of the Dark Full Moon

Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS:  No, not Silent Night, DEADLY Night. This one's bloody, not deadly.'s deadly, too. It's about a house and the legacy of evil that's plagued it through the ages. It's not haunted so much as the site of a bunch of crazy was a private home that got turned into an asylum from which the inmates escaped and murdered the staff and the director's daughter. Then all the crazies got sane (it's never explained how) and became model townsfolk. Now, years later, someone's selling the house and picking off the former inmates one by one. A truly sad, sad performance by John Carradine. He has a total of ONE croaked word: either they couldn't afford to pay him scale for a speaking part, or he really does suffer from throat cancer.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Stop, Drop, and Roll: Two out of Three IS Bad
Outside of the house. Two or three inches of snow on the ground. A guy runs out the front door. He's on fire. What would YOU do? Of course! You run around like a moron until you burn to death. In the snow. On fire.

Inane Dialogue

How Old Am I?
"How old am I? You mean 'How long ago was I born?'"
No, I mean "What's your mental age?" Three? Four?
Truly Inane.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Patrick O'Neal Co-owned a restaurant with Carroll O'Connor 
James Patterson  
Mary Woronov Was the childhood sweetheart of Harry Chapin; "Mary Bland" in Eating Raoul 
John Carradine Shakespearean actor, his deep voice is instantly recognizable, as is his presence in many mediocre horror films toward the end of his career 
Director Claim to Fame
Theodore Gershuny  

Bryan Cassidy

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