Silver Fox Massacre (1976)
Invincible Terrorist
Invisible Terrorists
Wu Tang Forbidden Treasures: Silver Fox Massacre

Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS:  It starts off normally enough--well, for a Kung Fu movie, anyway. The rebels are fighting the oppression of the Chu (or is it Ching?) and are overwhelmed. A list of all the rebels is split into three parts, and each part is entrusted to one of the top members. But one of them, it is told, is a spy for the enemy--but which one? As various factions war over the list, many characters suddenly change sides or reveal themselves as spies. This culminates in the ultimate twist(s): At the very end it is revealed that the "hero" we've been cheering all along is really the aforementioned spy, working for the bad guys, and the main baddie is really one of the good guys. None of which makes sense. Dumb, pointless, and confusing all the way through. In other words, vintage Smithee.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

This Doesn't Really Strike Me as a "Ha Ha" Kind of Situation
The protagonist is captured by his enemy, who wants to force his part of the list out of him. The protagonist's sister is brought in and he denies her. In order to prove she's NOT his sister, he abuses and rapes her (I think). She then commits suicide (I think) by comically bonking her head against the bars of their shared cell. He then stuffs the list into her mouth. There's an incomprehensible voice-over here, something like: "I am smart but he thinks I am stupid I will show him ha ha ha!!!" Only less understandable. And the Ha-Has don't seem to originate from him.

Smithee Award Winner! "WHAT?!"

Status Cymbals
One of the two main groups of opposing fighters is the Six Cymbal Killers, I think they're called. They're monks whose unique fighting style is to use cymbals with razor-sharp edges. They run around and bang their cymbals together and force their opponents to cover their ears, thus hampering defense. They can also throw the cymbals like Frisbees. For some reason, the monks themselves are immune to the loud noise, but everyone they fight apparently must cover their ears. They appear in several parts of the story, and every fight they're in is a laugh-riot.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Chun Kai Cheung  
Carter Wong was martial arts instructor for the Royal Hong Kong Police Department; birth name was Chia-Ta Huang 
Director Claim to Fame
Chan Siu Paug  

Bryan Cassidy

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