Twisted Justice (1990)

Nomination Year: 2006
SYNOPSIS:  James Tucker (David Heavener) is a psychiatric officer on the police force. He's also a psychotic officer on the police force. He wears the same pair of long underwear for days at a time. He sleeps in the bathtub. And he has a gun.

It's the future. Guns are now illegal. The cops are armed with tranquilizer-dart-shooting "stingers," which are typically good enough to take a criminal down with a single shot. But criminals are showing up on the street now, hopped up on a drug which counteracts the stingers. And someone is killing blonde upper-class women. Could there be a connection?

This film was not only written and directed by its star, he also produced it and scored the music.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

How NOT To Treat Volatile Chemicals
The bad guy is shot with stingers, shot with bullets, and finally his package is blown up, and he's set merrily ablaze.


No Wonder She Can't Keep It Locked
The car door locks are clearly different between close-up and long shot. And then as she runs away, the screen goes black for a second.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
David Heavener Not only an actor, writer, director, and a martial artist, he also composes and performs Christian music. 
Erik Estrada "Ponch" on C.Hi.P.s 
Shannon Tweed Ex-porn star who is now the queen of, well, soft-core porn 
David Campbell  
Jim Brown ex-NFL running back, considered by many to be the greatest ever -- also the greatest player in the history of collegiate lacrosse 
James Van Patten  
Karen Black from Easy Rider to Stripping For Jesus, she has a long & varied movie career 
Don Stroud  
Director Claim to Fame
David Heavener martial arist, writer, actor, director, producer, and composer of Christian music -- you know what they say about jacks of all trades? 

Kevin Hogan

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