Zarkorr! The Invader (1996)

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  In California, a giant monster (Zarkorr!) kicks its way out of a mountainside, and starts rampaging across the country. In New Jersey, a postal worker is visited by a six-inch-high hologram of a mall tramp which informs him that he has been chosen to fight the giant monster. In Michigan, the viewing of another Full Moon Entertainment Production has commenced.

Tommy (the postal worker -- not postman) is the median person on earth, which is why the aliens chose him to fight the monster. If he loses, our civilization will be destroyed. They (in the form of the aforementioned six-inch-tall mall-tramp hallucination) give him a few hints, and then leave him to his own devices. Luckily, he sees a crypto-zoologist being interviewed on the local news, and decides to head down to the television station to talk to her. From there, the plot careens along as though it were high on paint fumes, leading to the final confrontation between Zarkorr! and Tommy in (why not?) Yuma, Arizona (ToyCityToyCityToyCity).

Deus Ex Machina

Of Course! It All Makes Sense Now!
The cops have Tommy (and his crypto-zoologist hostage) cornered in the men's room of a television station, where he explains to them about the premise of the film. One of the cops decides that Tommy's story sounds plausible, given how many years the UFOs have been visiting. Conspiracy Nut Cop pulls his gun on his (far more sensible) partner, and allows our heroes to escape.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Rhys Pugh this is it -- his claim to fame 
Mark Hamilton no no, Hamilton 
Eileen Wesson no relation to "...Oil" or "Smith &..." 
Christopher Boyer  
Robert J. Ferrelli  
Director Claim to Fame
Michael Deak primarily a special effects technician/supervisor (also make-up, puppeteering, etc) -- he played "Braxus" in Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus 
Aaron Osborne primarily a Production Designer & Set Decorator 

Kevin Hogan

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