Sleepwalkers (1992)
Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Better sit down for this one. See, there's this nigh-mythical race of shapeshifters with amazing psychic powers. They're called Sleepwalkers. They're pretty powerful, except ... well ... their nemesis is "the deadly scratch of the cat." Oh, and they can only drink the blood of virgin girls.

They (our Sleepwalkers) have to move from town to town because, well, when the virgin girls start to disappear, people notice. And also, since they're vulnerable to cats, they tend to kill a lot of them -- and people tend to notice that as well.

So, they set up in a new town. The guy immediately starts to track down virginal girls (apparently it's quite a trick), and his mom whines a lot about how hungry she is (in between setting up the cat-traps and peering disconsolately out the window).

They almost immediately arouse the suspicions of the police, and this is bad news, since one of the cops travels around with a cat named "Clovis."

We discover that Sleepwalkers possess minor telekinesis, and can make objects invisible (or "dim" -- which is what we are if we buy any of this) using only the power of their minds. But it doesn't matter, because over the course of the rest of the film, Clovis the cat pretty much single-handedly wipes out the entire known Sleepwalker race (both of them).


"Alas, Poor Yorick"

A Corny Death.
Klutzy deputy is on the phone to the Sheriff's Office, trying to summon backup. Unfortunately, Mary Brady (the surviving Sleepwalker) stabs him fatally with an ear of corn.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Mädchen Amick mädchen is German for "girl," American for h-o-t 
Alice Krige "Borg Queen" in Star Trek: First Contact 
Jim Haynie has appeared in dozens of good-quality films (Silverado, Pretty in Pink, 48 Hrs., Time After Time), often as a cop 
Cindy Pickett mother of "Ferris Bueller" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off 
Ron Perlman "Beast" in Beauty & the Beast, among many others 
Lyman Ward father of "Ferris Bueller" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off ... played a small part in the very first episode of Laverne & Shirley 
Glenn Shadix "Otho" in Beetle Juice 
John Landis best known as director of such films as Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Amazon Women on the Moon, Innocent Blood, and on, and on.... 
Joe Dante director of such films as Piranha, Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action 
Stephen King has written many stories that became Smithee nominees over the years ... as well as some good stuff 
Clive Barker well-known author of horror ... and children's adventure 
Tobe Hooper director of such films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Salem's Lot, Poltergeist, and Spontaneous Combustion 
Frank Novak  
Mark Hamill "Luke Skywalker" 
Director Claim to Fame
Mick Garris directed The Making Of 'The Goonies' 

Kevin Hogan

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