Superargo against Diabolicus (1967)
Superargo contro Diabolikus
Superargo Versus Diabolicus
Superargo, el hombre enmascarado

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Imagine if instead of being a British secret service agent, James Bond had been an Italian masked wrestler. That's essentially this film.

Superargo is a mysterious masked wrestler who has never lost a bout. As the movie opens, he is challenged by El Tigre, who has also never lost a bout. It's the most exciting wrestling match in the history of ever EVER. Unfortunately, when Superargo throws El Tigre out of the ring, El Tigre lands wrong and snaps his neck. Superargo is devastated, as he and El Tigre were friends out of the ring. He decides to retire.

Meanwhile, a group of mysterious evil people steals a shipment of radioactive material -- then they kill everyone on the ship. Colonel Kenton (the only person other than Superargo's girlfriend Lidia to know Superargo's secret identity - and that includes us) decides to enlist Superargo into this top-secret governmental agency ... in order to give Superargo his self-confidence back.

So Superargo pretty much immediately fakes his death, and infiltrates the bad guy's island headquarters. It all plays out according to archetype (e.g. he is captured, the villain monologues, he escapes), but is still enjoyable. One I wouldn't mind watching again.

Most Ludicrous Premise

"I Know What Will Cheer You Up--Espionage!"
Col. Kenton has two problems. His buddy Superargo has lost his self-confidence following the accidental killing of Superargo's rival El Tigre in the ring. Also, a group of vicious pirates has been robbing ships of radioactive cargo and mercury for weeks. The only thing to do? Combine the peanut butter and the milk chocolate: offer to help Superargo regain his self-confidence by becoming a secret agent and saving the world. It's the least Col. Kenton can do.

Deus Ex Machina

Sort of the Studio Apartment Version of an Evil Base
Diabolicus is trying to recruit Superargo, but Superargo is having none of it. But look -- Diabolicus has Lidia (Superargo's girlfriend), and he's torturing her. Superargo has no choice but to join him! Except ... a bad guy is trying to sneak up on Superargo, but Superargo overpowers him, takes his weapon, and uses it to break down the adjacent door -- which coincidentally just happens to be the door that Lidia is being tortured behind!

Inane Dialogue

"Oh, If Only We'd Read the Script!"
Col. Kenton and Superargo are discussing the mysterious robberies:
"These mysterious robberies must be part of some plan."
"If we knew what the plan was, we'd know where to begin our investigation."

Worst Special Effect

Mudball Was a Peaceful Island!
Diabolicus' "island" (a clump of grassy mud in a pool) "explodes" (there's a mud-spattering kaboom) and "sinks" (mud floats).

Worst Picture

I Have the Same Weakness as Superargo!
The assembled dignitaries view a demonstration of Superargo's Amazing Physical Prowess, which is achieved via his Metaphysical Equilibrium. They go through a number of ways in which this helps Superargo hold his breath, resist extreme cold, and so on.... Then they come to his weakness -- large amounts of electricity cause him physical pain. Hey, me too!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Giovanni Cianfriglia you may wonder how his career could have topped Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women ... wonder no more! 
Gérard Tichy  
Mónica Randall continues to act well into the 21st century 
Loredana Nusciak  
Emilio Messina  
Director Claim to Fame
Nick Nostro  

Kevin Hogan

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