Zontar, the Thing from Venus (1966)
Zontar: Invader from Venus

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  This is a remake of Roger Corman's It Conquered the World, but without that Roger Corman panache. An experimental laser satellite is sent up into orbit, but one of the scientists who opposed the project (Keith) has been secretly in communication with an alien intelligence from Venus called Zontar. Zontar promptly steals the satellite to ferry himself to Earth, and (with Keith's help) embarks on a plan to conquer the world, hampered only slightly by the fact that he can only generate eight mind-control Zontarlings at once (and they are all single-use). After a great deal of struggle, all but one major character is killed ... and that major character strides off toward Washington, DC. Good. Or maybe that's bad.

Most Ludicrous Premise

Hypothetically Speaking...
Curt doesn't really believe Keith, but he's humoring him. "Okay, Keith," says Curt, "Let's say all this stuff is true...." And then Curt runs down the film's Premise (Zontar, alien, comes to earth in order to advance human civilization by making all humans into slaves and essentially biological carriers for itself and its descendants).

Worst Science

Hyperspace Hypnotism
Keith hints to Kurt at dinner that he has a secret. "Say, that's a powerful-looking set. I've never seen anything like it before." It's a RADIO, rocket scientist! Keith then claims to be using a form of "hyperspace hypnotism" to communicate with "Zontar." Uhh...right. Now we know how Zontar and Keith communicate -- hyperspace hypnotism! Zontar also uses it to make people watch this film. It can be the only explanation.

Worst Acting

Susan Bjurman, Keith's Wife Martha
Susan Bjurman plays Keith's wife. In this scene, she has a bit of a breakdown. "I can't love a monster!" she half-screams half-sobs. I feel the same way about this film as a hole [sic].

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Agar 50's square-jawed B-movie hero; played "Police Captain" in The Amazing Mr No Legs 
Susan Bjurman  
Tony Huston writer of The Sidehackers and Curse of the Swamp Creature, among others 
Warren Hammack  
Jonathan Ledford  
George Edgley  
Jeff Alexander  
Bill Thurman  
Director Claim to Fame
Larry Buchanan was a folk musician prior to becoming a director 

Kevin Hogan

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