Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)
Evil Never Dies
Wishmaster 2
Wishmaster: Evil Never Dies

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  Remember the plot of Wishmaster? That's okay, neither really did the makers of this movie. They totally changed up the djinn's origin event, where its crystal was housed, the sequence of events required to unleash its vengeance upon the world, etc. So none of that's important, I just wanted to gripe about it. Onward!

A group of thieves bungles a museum robbery, but in the process frees the djinn from its crystal which had been hidden in a statue of Ahura Mazda. The djinn takes credit for the robbery, and is sent to prison, where he trades twisted wishes for souls. It suits him. Meanwhile, the surviving thief is having these weird apocalyptic dreams, so she consults her ex-boyfriend (who is now a priest). Good triumphs in the end, but not before a lot of amusing bad things happen to (mostly) bad people. And of course, Andrew Divoff plays the Djinn extremely well ... I'm disappointed that he did not reprise the role for Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell or Wishmaster 4: Holy Crap They Made Another One.

Best One-Liner

That's how you can tell he's in prison.
One of the prisoners has a wish, and the djinn wants to grant it. "What's it gonna take?" asks the prisoner. "Your soul," the djinn says, and ponders a bit, before adding, "...and a pack of cigarettes."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Andrew Divoff reads, writes, and speaks nine languages ... I wonder in which one this seemed like a good career move? 
Paul Johansson "Parker Lewis" from Parker Lewis Can't Lose 
Tom Lister, Jr He is six feet seven inches tall, and was a WWF and WCW wrestler (under the names of "Zeus" and "ZGangsta"), so of course his nickname is "Tiny." 
Al Foster  
James Staszkiel  
Ryan "Rhino" Michaels  
Simon Kim half (along with brother James) of the "Tiger Twins" 
Ilia Volokh  
Christopher Boyer  
Matt Falletta  
Director Claim to Fame
Jack Sholder also wrote Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies 

Kevin Hogan

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