Transmorphers (2007)
Robot Wars

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Giant alien shapeshifting robot movie. Take (the worst) parts of Terminator 2, The Matrix, Blade Runner, and the Borg saga from ST:TNG, and mix them all up, and you get...Transmorphers. The cinematic equivalent of peanut butter, crayfish, tapioca pudding, lemon rinds, and coffee grounds. Or maybe Mr. Corkers.

Smithee Award Winner! Deus Ex Machina

Karina Is Not Dead. You can't kill wrong!
The blonde sees two big bots blow up Karina. But no! She was just, I dunno, hiding or something, because she simply shows up and says "I wouldn't miss this for the world." No reason.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Science

20 Million Light Years Isn't As Far As It Used To Be.
"We found a planet 20 Million Light Years away that had life on it. We sent a message of peace. 5 years later, we got their reply." This stunning science aptitude is a harbinger of all further aptitudes of this film.

Worst Cover Copy

Cheesy Cover Copy.
The Transmorphers cover is very generic. It has some robots and some guys. Not exactly "Robots in Disguise," more like "Robots 'N' Dese Guys."

Worst Special Effect

Skycycles ... in ... the sky!
Suddenly, there are skycycles in the plane with them. The aerial battle on the skycycles consists of REALLY bad "special" FX, with some inane dialogue for extra bonus points: "They're shooting at us!" "We got one!"

Worst Acting

General Coldbitch Cannot Use Contractions.
Eliza Swenson plays a badass general. She's so badass that her character cannot use contractions. Contractions flee screaming ... as should we!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Amy Weber  
Eliza Swenson  
Thomas Downey  
Griff Furst son of Animal House and Babylon 5 actor Stephen Furst 
Leigh Scott director of such films as Transmorphers 
Marat Glazer  
Jason S. Gray  
Dennis Kinard  
Rhett Giles one of The Asylum's go-to guys 
Director Claim to Fame
Leigh Scott often acts in the movies that he directs 

Bryan Cassidy

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