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Absolute Zero  (2005)
Cero Absoluto
Eiskalt wie die Hölle
Fagypont - Jégkorszak Miamiban
L'Enfer de Glace
To Apolyto Psyhos
Zero Absolut
Zero Bezwzgledne
Nomination Year: 2012
SYNOPSIS: Did you know that the ice age will be caused by a shift in the magnetic poles? And that it will freeze everything from the equator to the 33rd parallel? And that afterward the poles will be the new tropics and we'll have a ring of ice around the Earth's midsection? And that when all molecular motion stops, light refracts differently, causing a shroud of darkness to fall?

So, yes. "Absolute Zero" is not just the title of the movie, it's also a description of exactly how much accurate science it contains.

Fortunately for us, bad science is good fun. As is bad acting. And pointless character deaths, lousy premises and dreadful special effects. And this movie has all of those in vast quantities.
Matt Quirk
Smithee Award Nominations
Most Ludicrous Premise
He's a Senator from the State of Equatoria
The computer simulation of a magnetic polar shift shows that complete equatorial glaciation will happen in 4 hours and 23 minutes. It's going to happen later today, probably, and the temperature will drop to absolute zero. "Senator," Dr Kotzman says in all seriousness, "you need to evacuate the equator!"
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Smithee Award Winner! Worst Science
Also, It Reduces IQs to Zero
To test what will happen when the earth's magnetic poles swap, they are flipping the magnetic polarity of a small test room. To their (and our!) astonishment, the temperature drops almost instantly to absolute zero ("most unexpected"). At absolute zero, it changes how light refracts -- only at the coldest end of the spectrum. Why? "Because science is never wrong."
Director Claim to Fame
Robert Lee He was the assistant director of several Smithee films, always behind the scenes, waiting... 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Jeff Fahey <Not Yet in Database> Was the Lawnmower Man, and turns up as a leading man in a bunch of other Bad Movies -- his first role was in Silverado 
Erika Eleniak <Not Yet in Database> Her first film role was as "Pretty Young Girl" in E.T. the Extraterrestrial
Bill Dow <Not Yet in Database> Dr. Bill Lee on the "Stargate" TV shows and Chuck Burks on "The X-Files" 
Jessica Amlee <Not Yet in Database> Mallory Wells on "Heartland" and Jackie Sanders on "Greenhouse Academy" 
William MacDonald <Not Yet in Database> Gary Holden on "Travelers," Warden Norton on "Riverdale," and Gene Huskk on "The Flash." 
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